Egypt holidays - from the Great Sphinx to the golden beaches...


Egypt is the oldest holiday destination on the planet. Since the days of Ancient Greece, travellers have come here to stand open-mouthed in awe at its peerless wonders like the Pyramids of Giza.

Today, holidays to Egypt have seen no let-up in popularity, but now the breathtaking natural wonders of the nation have begun to rival those made by the Pharaohs.

Sharm El Sheikh, in particular, is one of the world's most loved beach holiday destinations; home to glorious sandy expanses, world-class scuba diving opportunities in the sparkling Red Sea, a lively party scene and masses of activities and entertainment for all ages. There is a huge choice of all-inclusive resorts, last minute deals and cheap self-catering accommodation, as well as five-star hotels with infinity pools and private beaches, which make it an increasingly popular honeymoon destination.

Ancient wonders of the Pharaohs...

The place to start for historical holidays to Egypt is the vibrant capital Cairo. A labyrinth of medieval alleys, colourful spice bazaars and sparkling mosques, Cairo is where you'll find the magnificent iconic sights of The Sphinx and the Pyramids of Giza, the only one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World that still remains.

Nowhere showcases the epic history of Egypt better than Luxor - 'the world's greatest open-air museum'. Luxor, which stands astride the mighty Nile, is home to the Valley of the Kings, which houses the tomb of Tutankhamen amongst many other Pharaohs, as well as the spectacular temples of Karnak and Luxor. One of the best and most popular ways of taking in all the historic attractions of Egypt is to take a cruise down the Nile.

Golden beaches of the Red Sea coast...

The sundrenched Sinai Peninsula is the most popular place to go for a beach holiday in Egypt. On the most southerly tip of Sinai is the famous region of Sharm El Sheikh, which is beginning to rival the popularity of the Mediterranean beach resorts.

Enjoying year-round sunshine and bath-warm Red Sea waters, Sharm is home to sublime beaches and colourful coral gardens teeming with sea life, as well as water parks and fun activities for the whole family. The luxuriant Red Sea provides some of the best diving in the world, while Naama Bay is the place to go for a party.

Alternatively, south of Sinai and west of the Nile lies the premier resort of Hurghada, which has mile upon mile of stunning beaches with pristine golden sands that embrace the alluring Red Sea.

Hurghada is famed for its water sports, as well as outstanding scuba diving; it's Egypt's original diving destination. It enjoys a famously lively nightlife with top clubs such as the Hed Kandi Beach Bar and the Ministry of Sound. Just south is Marsa Alam, one of the most celebrated diving resorts in the south of Egypt.

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